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Chef hit by Tung Chung bus dies in hospital

A 38-year-old man died in North Lantau Hospital after being struck by a bus on Sunday morning.

The man, surnamed Ng, wascrossing Yat Tung Rd near the Tung Chung bus terminal when he was struck by the no. 34 bus and dragged underneath the vehicle, sustaining serious injuries.

Ng, who worked as a chef at Discovery Bay, was listening to music through earphones as he crossed the road, Apple Daily reported.

Police arrested the 63-year-old bus driver on suspicion of dangerous driving.

They have appealed for witnesses to contact investigating officers on 3661 1300.




Sth Asian illegal immigrants targeting Lantau

Police have detained nine South Asian men who came ashore in the remote village of Sham Wat, south-west Lantau, last week.

The nine, including two from Afghanistan, had flown legally to Guangzhou, where they had hired a snakehead to bring them to Hong Kong.

Local residents called police after they found none of the men could speak Cantonese. One of them had asked in English for a cab to go to “the city,” Oriental Daily News reported.

Of the nine men, five were from Pakistan and two were from Bangladesh. All had passports. Continue reading

New police chief targets speedsters

The new Lantau South police chief, an ex-traffic cop, has made road safety one of his priorities. Among other things, he’s considering putting plainclothes police on NLB buses and cracking down on drivers without Lantau road permits. As reported, he’s not a fan of opening up South Lantau’s roads to more cars.

More details here at the LBA blog.

Lantau speed cams coming in Q1

If you’re a Lantau driver you’d be well aware of the 12-feet high speed cameras that have loomed over our roads since early last year.

The Transport Department installed one each in Mui Wo and Pui O and two on Tung Chung Rd, leading to an immediate decline in speeds until drivers realised the orange pillars did not actually contain any monitoring equipment.

That will soon change, the department now says. An official told Lantau Confidential that they are now “under testing” and will be handed over to Lantau police some time in the first quarter.

Police say they haven’t yet had any formal word on activation of the cameras, though they note that the final decision on activating them is a joint one between the police and the TD.

According to the SpeedCameraPOI website, which plots the locations of road traffic cameras worldwide and puts them in a downloadable file, Hong Kong had 51 speed cameras as of April 29 last year.