Ching Ming fires break out across Lantau

The onset of the annual Ching Ming Festival has brought a brace of hillfires across Hong Kong, including three so far in Lantau.

With the fire danger level at its highest – red – yesterday, 25 fires broke out across the city, according to Sing Tao.

A blaze destroyed the side of a hill near Pak Mong in North Lantau at 2pm, while another fire broke out near Tai O’s Fu Shan, estimated at more than 100 square metres.

Fire services officets extinguished both fires. There were no injuries.

Wang Tong hillside Sunday afternoon (Credit: Karen Brown)

Another blaze broke out at Wang Tong, Mui Wo, early this afternoon. The fire department is attending the scene.

Today’s fire danger is set at yellow, indicating high risk.

The fires are a hazard of Ching Ming, when Chinese families visit their ancestors’ graves and light incense to remember them. The holiday falls on April 5 this year.

Photo (top): Pak Mong fire yesterday (Credit: Steve Knipp)

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