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Girl, 6, in hospital after Mui Wo building fall

A six-year-old girl is in hospital with head injuries after a falling from a first floor window in Mui Wo yesterday morning.

The girl, surnamed Shum, lost her footing while opening a window in her family home at Silver Waves Court at around 9:45am, Apple Daily reported.

She was taken to North Lantau Hospital by ambulance.


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Police arrest man after convenience store mask fight

In separate incidents in Tung Chung, police have arrested a man following an altercation after he refused to wear a mask, while a 72-year-old man died in an apparent suicide.

Police say a 52-year-old man named Wong entered a convenience store on Mei Tung St next to Tung Chung Crescent without a mask at about 11pm on Thursday, HK01 reported.

When a 21-year-old employee named Tam asked him to put on a mask, Wong refused and struck Tam on the head and hands.

Both Wong and Tam were taken to North Lantau Hospital for treatment for their injuries. Lantau police are investigating.

Police were called to Citygate at 7:50am Friday after the body of a 72-year-old a man was reported.

The victim was unconscious and was sent to North Lantau Hospital but was later certified dead, Headline News said.

Police found a suicide note at the scene and believe he had fallen. The cause of death will be determined by an autopsy.

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Elderly woman injured by charging buffalo in Ham Tin

An 82-year-old woman required stitches after being charged by an undesexed buffalo last week, sparking another discussion about buffalo and land management.

The woman, surnamed Wan, was out with her helper near old Ham Tin village at 7am last Saturday when she was struck by the buffalo, “running as fast a horse,” Oriental Daily reported.

She required six stitches in her head and three stitches in each of her hands.

The woman’s son said that whenever he went out he would keep his distance from the buffalo. Other villagers also felt alarmed. Some had complained to the AFCD that the buffalo had destroyed their vegetables and crops.

Jean Leung, the Pui O buffalo carer, said the male buffalo, which she named Bulging Eyes, came from Mung Tung Wan a few months ago.

She had advised the AFCD vets to take him to be desexed “because he was always fighting” with other buffalo, but it was difficult to arrange because he kept moving from place to place.

Bulging Eyes (Photo: Jean Leung)

He has since been captured by AFCD and desexed, she said.

Eddie Tse from the Save Lantau Alliance, told Oriental Daily the increased conflict between humans and bovines was related to land development.

An increasing amount of buffalo habitat in Pui O in being fenced off, while some private landowners have taken advantage of a law that allows them to dump trash on their own plots with government approval.

He said some conservation groups had called for the creation of special ecological zones for buffalo. They had forwarded proposals to the government but so far had had no response.

Carrie Lam vowed to protect the Pui O wetlands, Hong Kong’s last remaining buffalo habitat, when she took office in 2017.

She set up a new unit in CEDD called the Sustainable Lantau Office but it has taken no action to prevent the continued shrinkage and is yet to come up with a long-term plan to ensure the wetlands’ survival.

Photo (top): File photo

Tong Fuk’s last calf dead as car hits two cattle on S. Lantau Rd

Two cattle from the Tong Fuk herd died this morning after being struck by a vehicle on South Lantau Road.

The female and its calf both suffered broken legs and abrasions in the accident, which occured near the old Tung Chung Road turn-off between 6am-7am.

Both were euthanised by AFCD vets at the scene.

The calf was the last born to the Tong Fuk herd prior to the neutering of all of the females.

Most females in other South Lantau herds have also been neutered in recent years as the AFCD, backed by local rural committees, try to aggressively limit and reduce cattle populations.

The driver of the car did not stop at the scene but later filed a report at South Lantau police station. No charges were laid.

Separately, a dog was killed on Tung Chung Rd last night. Altogether animals have died in four fatal accidents on Lantua since the start of summer.

Photos: Lantau Buffalo Association

Hiker dies after 15m Lantau canyon fall

A man died and a woman was seriously injured after falling 15m on the Wong Lung Hang Stream in north Lantau yesterday.

The 48-year-old man was unconscious when he was airlifted to Pamela Youde Nethersole Hospital at Chai Wan but was pronounced dead at 3pm.

The man, surnamed Luk, and the 41-year-old woman, named Tsim, had been part of a party of seven or eight people planning to hike the popular but challenging trail, Apple Daily reported.

The accident took place at around 1:30pm., when Luk slipped and collided with Tsim, causing both to fall.

Tsim was also airlifted to hospital with head and facial injuries.

It is the fourth accidental death on Lantau this year and the second hiker fatality. A 64-year-old woman died near the Tsing Lung Hang stream below Sunset Peak in April.

(Photo: Government Flying Service)

Two deaths in four days from Lantau accidents

A 42-year-old man drowned while snorkeling at Lo Kei Wan near Shui Hau last night – the second accidental death on Lantau in four days.

Friends of the man, surnamed Tang, discovered him missing when they emerged from the water after diving near the popular campsite at about 9pm, Apple Daily reported.

After a search they found him still in the water but unconscious and called the Marine Police.

Tang was flown by helicopter from the Shek Pik wharf to the Chai Wan Eastern Hospital but he failed to recover. Police are investigating.

Lo Kei Wan (Photo: Lantau News)

Earlier in the week 64-year-old Lam Mo-yee, an experienced climber, died on the difficult Tsing Lung Stream near Sunset Peak.

Lam had gone to Sunset Peak with her husband on Tuesday morning. The two had become separated on the trail but that was not unusual, HK01 reported.

When she did not return home that evening her husband contacted police, who issued a missing person’s report.

A popular member of the local hiking and climbing community, Lam’s disappearance prompted a huge number of people to join the search from Pak Kung Au on Wednesday.

Lam Mo-yee (Photo: HK Police)

Firefighters found Lam unconscious near the Heavenly Lake, just below Sunset Peak, on Wednesday evening. Searchers said it appeared she had taken a path away from the main trail.

Lam had sustained multiple injuries and was pronounced dead at the Eastern Hospital.

Tsing Lung Stream is a steep canyon trail which rises from San Shek Wan to Sunset Peak.

It is popular among hiking groups but can be treacherous. In July 2017 a 66-year-old man was airlifted to hospital after an eight-metre fall.

Woman dies after 15m Lantau Peak fall

A 42-year-old woman has died after a 15-metre fall on Lantau Peak on Saturday afternoon.

The woman, surnmed Sze, sustained multiple injuries after losing her footing while climbing the hazardous North Heaven’s Gate section at around 2pm.

She was evacuated out by the Government Flying Service to Eastern Hospital in Chai Wan, but medical staff were unable to revive her.

She was one of a party of 16, including her boyfriend and ten children, Apple Daily reported.

Police to hold autopsy into Lantau camper death

Police will hold an autopsy into the death of a 31-year-old camper at Nei Lak Shan near Ngong Ping on Monday.

The man, surnamed Lau, was found unconscious in his tent by a hiker late Tuesday afternoon, HK Headline News reports.

Paramedics attended the site but found the man was deceased.

He was reportedly suffering from a medical condition but police are uncertain of the cause of death.

Man dies after fall from Kap Shui Mun Bridge

A 63-year-old taxi passenger has died after jumping over the side of the Kap Shui Mun Bridge early this morning.

The cab was approaching the Lantau Link toll plaza at about 2am when the man called for the driver to stop, saying he felt sick, Apple Daily reported.

The car halted in the slow lane and the passenger, surnamed Man, exited the vehicle and climbed over the railing at the side of the road.

After the driver sounded the alarm, Marine Police and Fire Department found the unconscious body of the man in the water following a 45-minute search.

The man died shortly after being admitted to Yan Chai Hospital in Tsuen Wan.

According to the Apple Daily, the deceased had worked as a driver, but was a heavy drinker which caused arguments with his family.

Last night he went out alone after a family dinner. He did not leave a note, but send a text message to his grandson, saying “Grandpa won’t be with you anymore.”

Photo: Apple Daily

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Man dies in fall from Yat Tung tower

A 69-year-old man died in a fall from a Yat Tung residential block yesterday.

A security guard reported a man’s body was found outside one of the tower blocks at 3pm yesterday.

He was certified dead at the North Lantau HospitalHeadline Daily reported.

The police did not find a suicide note at the scene but said there were no suspicious circumstances.

They believe that the man had fallen from a high floor. The cause of death will be confirmed by an autopsy.

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