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WWF warns of ‘irreversible’ decline after sharp fall in dolphin numbers

The Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge (HZMB) project has caused a drastic fall in dolphin numbers in the past year – and worse could be to come, says conservation group WWF.


Endangered   Source: EPD

The AFCD’s annual dolphin tracking report shows that the dolphin population in Lantau waters has fallen 60% to just 65. Continue reading

Rethinking Lantau development

Sunset Pui O

Highlights from submission to the Development Bureau  (full submission here).

No Vision, No Data, No Conservation

The decision-making process on Lantau’s future appears to be explicitly designed to exclude community input. From day one LanDAC membership has been almost wholly drawn from the real estate, tourist and logistics industries, along with government political supporters and appointees.  The public rightly doubts the genuineness of this ‘consultation.’

The government plan offers no vision for the island: what will it be like to visit, live or work in Lantau in 2026, 2036 or beyond? The report doesn’t say. At the same time it tries to micro-manage tourist development in ways that are counter-productive. Continue reading

Another dolphin threat: wind farm planned for Pearl River

A mainland power company has won approval to build a large-scale wind farm in the Pearl River mouth southwest of Lantau.

But the 4.2 billion yuan (HK$4.98b) scheme by a China Southern Power Grid subsidiary has prompted fears  that it will pose yet another threat to the endangered Chinese White Dolphin.

The 120MW wind farm is to be built on Sanjiao Mountain Island in the centre of the Pearl River, about 8 km southwest of Fan Lau. Continue reading

N. Lantau dolphins face extinction even before marine park opens

The Hong Kong Dolphin Conservation Society has warned that the planned marine park off North Lantau may already too late to save the local Chinese white dolphin population.

Chief Executive CY Leung confirmed in his policy agenda, issued with his policy address last week, the government was moving forward to establish the park around the Brothers Islands.

Dolphin Society chairman Samuel Hung told Apple Daily dolphins in the North Lantau waters were “nearly extinct” – only one was sighted in the area last year. Ten years ago an average of 20 or more could be seen each day.

Last year the level of dolphin activity several times fell so low that it breached levels that could have brought Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macau bridge construction to a halt.

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