Four dead finless porpoises found in 36 hours

The bodies of four finless porpoises have been found in the space of 36 hours across Hong Kong, including Lantau.

A stranded juvenile finless porpoise was found on the beach at Tai Long Wan in South Lantau yesterday. The 1.42-metre long female showed moderate body decay, Ocean Park Conservation Foundation (OPCF) said.

Two others were discovered near Sai Kung yesterday.

In the first case, a young adult 0.97 metres long was found at Ham Tin Bay Beach. It was severely decomposed and bore three wounds believed to have been caused by a propeller.

The other was an adult female found in the sea off Silverstrand Beach. It was 1.4 metres in length and severely decomposed.

On Sunday the body of another stranded finless porpoise was found floating near the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology pier.

It was 1.31 metres long and was moderately decomposed. It was transported back to Ocean Park.

OPCF estimates 200 Indo-Pacific finless porpoises inhabit Hong Kong waters. They are categorised as vulnerable on the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species.

Photo: Apple Daily/Ocean Park Conservation Foundation

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