Tong Fuk’s last calf dead as car hits two cattle on S. Lantau Rd

Two cattle from the Tong Fuk herd died this morning after being struck by a vehicle on South Lantau Road.

The female and its calf both suffered broken legs and abrasions in the accident, which occured near the old Tung Chung Road turn-off between 6am-7am.

Both were euthanised by AFCD vets at the scene.

The calf was the last born to the Tong Fuk herd prior to the neutering of all of the females.

Most females in other South Lantau herds have also been neutered in recent years as the AFCD, backed by local rural committees, try to aggressively limit and reduce cattle populations.

The driver of the car did not stop at the scene but later filed a report at South Lantau police station. No charges were laid.

Separately, a dog was killed on Tung Chung Rd last night. Altogether animals have died in four fatal accidents on Lantua since the start of summer.

Photos: Lantau Buffalo Association

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