Mid-Autumn Festival fun: Lantern Riddles

Marcy’s Lantau store in old Mui Wo is holding a mid-autumn riddles evening on Friday.

Lantern Riddles is a very traditional game/ event for Mid Autumn Festival, explains Alison Fung of Marcy’s.

“We are hosting a miniature version of it to brighten up the holiday mood. We’ve got a number of riddles ready in both Chinese and English, attached to the lanterns at the storefront.”

How it works:

Participants will draw five riddles from a box, then try to find them one by one among the lanterns.

Solve any one of the five and receive a surprise gift.

Solve all five and the winner’s name is entered into a community lucky draw.  

When: 5pm-6:30pm October 2

Where: Marcy’s Lantau, 88 Chung Hau Street Mui Wo

More details: Contact Marcy’s via Facebook

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