Two deaths in four days from Lantau accidents

A 42-year-old man drowned while snorkeling at Lo Kei Wan near Shui Hau last night – the second accidental death on Lantau in four days.

Friends of the man, surnamed Tang, discovered him missing when they emerged from the water after diving near the popular campsite at about 9pm, Apple Daily reported.

After a search they found him still in the water but unconscious and called the Marine Police.

Tang was flown by helicopter from the Shek Pik wharf to the Chai Wan Eastern Hospital but he failed to recover. Police are investigating.

Lo Kei Wan (Photo: Lantau News)

Earlier in the week 64-year-old Lam Mo-yee, an experienced climber, died on the difficult Tsing Lung Stream near Sunset Peak.

Lam had gone to Sunset Peak with her husband on Tuesday morning. The two had become separated on the trail but that was not unusual, HK01 reported.

When she did not return home that evening her husband contacted police, who issued a missing person’s report.

A popular member of the local hiking and climbing community, Lam’s disappearance prompted a huge number of people to join the search from Pak Kung Au on Wednesday.

Lam Mo-yee (Photo: HK Police)

Firefighters found Lam unconscious near the Heavenly Lake, just below Sunset Peak, on Wednesday evening. Searchers said it appeared she had taken a path away from the main trail.

Lam had sustained multiple injuries and was pronounced dead at the Eastern Hospital.

Tsing Lung Stream is a steep canyon trail which rises from San Shek Wan to Sunset Peak.

It is popular among hiking groups but can be treacherous. In July 2017 a 66-year-old man was airlifted to hospital after an eight-metre fall.

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