Police warn on fake banknotes found in Tung Chung

Police have issued a warning following the discovery of three fake HK$100 notes issued by a Tung Chung convenience store.

A woman named Koo complained to police that she had received the notes in change after topping up her Octopus card at the MTR station OK store on Friday .

A spokesperson for the OK group said company was concerned over the incident and was cooperating with police, Apple Daily reported.

In the past year, authorities have seized 1888 counterfeit banknotes, according to HK ET.

In January 273 counterfeit notes were reported, of which two-thirds were HK$100, an d the rest HK$500 and HK$1000 notes.

Police called on members of the public to pay close attention to the banknotes they receive.

A spokesperson said the HKMA website shows the security features of Hong Kong currency, including the color patterns and the presence of a metal line and a watermark.

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