Dump body on Lantau, body-in-cement witness suggested

Lantau has entered Hong Kong’s body-in-cement court case, with the court hearing that a witness had suggested using Lantau as a place to dump a body.

Ho Ling-yu, the housemate of three men accused of murdering Cheung Man-li and encasing his body in cement, told the High Court that she had seen the defendants googling for places to hide the body, scmp.com reported.

Ho said several months before murder at their Tsuen Wan apartment in March 2016, the trio had held meetings to discuss the killing.

Ho said she saw two of them, Tsang Cheung-yan and Cheung Sin-hang, searching online on the morning of March 4, the day Cheung was allegedly killed.

When they told her they were looking for where to dispose of a body she thought they were joking.

So when Tsang asked her that day where the men should dump Cheung’s body, Ho replied casually: “Lantau”.

She continued: “I just said it because the following day I intended to go to Lantau with my boyfriend.”

The three accused, Tsang, Cheung and Keith Lau, have pleaded not guilty to conspiring to murder Cheung Man-li, but they guilty to preventing the lawful burial of the deceased.

The case is continuing.

Photo: Ho Ling-yu (scmp.com screencap)

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