Brazen thieves waltzed past CCTV to burgle Cheung Sha home last night

This thief got away with HK$2,000 in cash in a brazen robbery at Cheung Sha last night.

He was one of a pair that raided a home at Golden Coast just after midnight while tenant Craig Watson slept.

One burglar kept lookout while the other entered by a door on his first-floor balcony and spent 20 minutes in the apartment, Watson said. 

The thief made a “meticulous search of all drawers and bags,” overlooking iPads and laptops in favour of the cash, Watson said.

He says CCTV footage shows they entered from the vacant scrubland between Golden Coast and Whitesands.  He said in an email to Lantau News:

judging by their speed and access used they clearly knew where they were going so had to have scoped the area out in advance. The houses adjacent to the rear wall in Golden Coast are common targets – four burglaries in two years from what I know.

The concerning issue for me is that they knew I was inside and were similarly not worried about the CCTVs which are very obvious in and outside my home. We are reviewing our home & complex security with an expert today

Source: CCTV

The burglars also evaded the guard on the gate, who failed to see the real-time CCTV vision of them climbing over the roof into the apartment.

Watson was the only one in the house last night – his wife and daughter were away.

He said the property had been burgled two years ago, when the window was prised open and small valuables were taken.

Watson said the burglar’s face was “well-covered with a hood and surgical mask but he is otherwise quite distinguishable. Based on this and a lot of other footage he is an Asian male, 25-35yrs, approx 170cm tall & noticeably skinny.”

Another burglary took place at Luk Tei Tong, where the owner was away, about ten days ago,”probably linked” to last night’s break-in, police say.

Anyone who has information on either of these burglaries, or sees anything suspicious, please call Lantau South Division Crime Hotline on 6148 0728.

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