Police called after campaign worker alleges assault in Tong Fuk

Police were called to Tong Fuk this evening after a canvasser for candidate Fung Siu Yin alleged she was assaulted by an unknown man.

The woman, a Mui Wo resident who declined to give her name, said she was handing out leaflets for Sunday’s district council poll when a man tried to take her campaign sign.

When she resisted, she said he struck her in the stomach and ran off. She said the contact was not forceful and she did not require medical attention.

The woman’s screams attracted a crowd, and she said she was “shocked” to find herself suddenly surrounded by about 12 people. Some of them abused her and threatened to attack her.

Lantau police mollify villagers

Another campaign volunteer called the police, who attended the scene at around 9:45 and spoke to the campaign workers and villagers. No arrests were made.

There is no suggestion that the incident was premeditated or involved any other political groups.

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