Caribbean Coast thieves enter from roof in $430,000 break-in

Thieves have broken into two Caribbean Coast apartments this weekend, with one resident losing valuables worth HK$430,000.

A 48-year-old man told police he had lost jewellery and watches in the break-in, which occurred at 10pm Friday in La Mer, the low-rise block in Caribbean Coast.

Police said the thieves appeared to have gained entry from the rooftop, Sing Tao reported.

In another break-in at the same complex yesterday, police said burglars had entered the apartment via the balcony.

However, the resident, a 64-year-old woman, said no items had been stolen.

The break-ins come just three days after a Visionary resident lost HK$1.47 million in valuables – one of a spate of luxury apartment robberies across Hong Kong.

These latest burglaries do not appear to be linked. Lantau District detectives are investigating.


  1. Anup sharma

    All the construction site workers are been given a lot liberal way to roam around the properties of Caribbean coast and other residential premises and are able to even use the public busses more than the resident can use, they are allowed smoke and use foul language all over Lantau island littering where they want, In order to make our neighborhood safe we need to make and push some rules and regulations on such rough construction site workers who tend not to respect other people’s clean neighborhood. These are simple and minor steps to take to make a safer neighborhood. On the other note my honest opinion the security guards of Caribbean coast are lousy and unprofessional so far they have never been in any of my personal security use. I am sure I can’t rely on them if I really needed any security help.
    Your sincere neighbor
    Anup sharma.

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