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Brazen thieves waltzed past CCTV to burgle Cheung Sha home last night

This thief got away with HK$2,000 in cash in a brazen robbery at Cheung Sha last night.

He was one of a pair that raided a home at Golden Coast just after midnight while tenant Craig Watson slept.

One burglar kept lookout while the other entered by a door on his first-floor balcony and spent 20 minutes in the apartment, Watson said. 

The thief made a “meticulous search of all drawers and bags,” overlooking iPads and laptops in favour of the cash, Watson said.

He says CCTV footage shows they entered from the vacant scrubland between Golden Coast and Whitesands.  He said in an email to Lantau News:

judging by their speed and access used they clearly knew where they were going so had to have scoped the area out in advance. The houses adjacent to the rear wall in Golden Coast are common targets – four burglaries in two years from what I know.

The concerning issue for me is that they knew I was inside and were similarly not worried about the CCTVs which are very obvious in and outside my home. We are reviewing our home & complex security with an expert today

Source: CCTV

The burglars also evaded the guard on the gate, who failed to see the real-time CCTV vision of them climbing over the roof into the apartment.

Watson was the only one in the house last night – his wife and daughter were away.

He said the property had been burgled two years ago, when the window was prised open and small valuables were taken.

Watson said the burglar’s face was “well-covered with a hood and surgical mask but he is otherwise quite distinguishable. Based on this and a lot of other footage he is an Asian male, 25-35yrs, approx 170cm tall & noticeably skinny.”

Another burglary took place at Luk Tei Tong, where the owner was away, about ten days ago,”probably linked” to last night’s break-in, police say.

Anyone who has information on either of these burglaries, or sees anything suspicious, please call Lantau South Division Crime Hotline on 6148 0728.

Dump body on Lantau, body-in-cement witness suggested

Lantau has entered Hong Kong’s body-in-cement court case, with the court hearing that a witness had suggested using Lantau as a place to dump a body.

Ho Ling-yu, the housemate of three men accused of murdering Cheung Man-li and encasing his body in cement, told the High Court that she had seen the defendants googling for places to hide the body, reported.

Ho said several months before murder at their Tsuen Wan apartment in March 2016, the trio had held meetings to discuss the killing.

Ho said she saw two of them, Tsang Cheung-yan and Cheung Sin-hang, searching online on the morning of March 4, the day Cheung was allegedly killed.

When they told her they were looking for where to dispose of a body she thought they were joking.

So when Tsang asked her that day where the men should dump Cheung’s body, Ho replied casually: “Lantau”.

She continued: “I just said it because the following day I intended to go to Lantau with my boyfriend.”

The three accused, Tsang, Cheung and Keith Lau, have pleaded not guilty to conspiring to murder Cheung Man-li, but they guilty to preventing the lawful burial of the deceased.

The case is continuing.

Photo: Ho Ling-yu ( screencap)

Police probe Tung Chung links to HK and Kowloon burglaries

Police are looking for links between the Tung Chung burglaries over the weekend and the recent spate of break-ins on Hong Kong Island and Kowloon

Lantau police say they are confident the robberies at two Tung Chung estates, Visionary and La Mer, were carried out by the same team.

They say the thieves climbed up the perimeter walls and along the terraces or balconies to enter through unlocked doors or windows.

The burglars escaped with a HK$1.47 million haul of watches and jewellery from a Visionary apartment last Monday or Tuesday.

At La Mer, a part of the Caribbean Coast complex, burglars climbed on to the roof in order to break in and steal watches and jewellery estimated to be worth HK$450,000.

They also broke into an another apartment through the balcony but did not steal anything.

Lantau District Crime Squad, who are investigating the case, are probing possible connections to robberies at upscale apartments in Causeway Bay, Happy Valley, Kowloon Tong and Kowloon City.

Including Tung Chung, 13 flats were burgled across the city in two weeks.

[Updated] MTR, which manages the La Mer and Caribbean Coast properties, said in an email to Lantau News that a review of security measures was underway following the break-ins.

Three arrested on driving, drugs charges after Yat Tung accident

Police arrested three people after a van reversed into a flower garden near the Yat Tung Shopping Centre early Sunday morning.

Officers investigating found about 1.7 grams of suspected cocaine, worth about HK$2,100, in the vehicle.

The 29-year-old driver failed to pass a breathalyser test and was arrested for drink driving and careless driving, RTHK reported.

The two passengers, aged 31 and 21, were arrested for trafficking in dangerous drugs.

Police warn on fake banknotes found in Tung Chung

Police have issued a warning following the discovery of three fake HK$100 notes issued by a Tung Chung convenience store.

A woman named Koo complained to police that she had received the notes in change after topping up her Octopus card at the MTR station OK store on Friday .

A spokesperson for the OK group said company was concerned over the incident and was cooperating with police, Apple Daily reported.

In the past year, authorities have seized 1888 counterfeit banknotes, according to HK ET.

In January 273 counterfeit notes were reported, of which two-thirds were HK$100, an d the rest HK$500 and HK$1000 notes.

Police called on members of the public to pay close attention to the banknotes they receive.

A spokesperson said the HKMA website shows the security features of Hong Kong currency, including the color patterns and the presence of a metal line and a watermark.

Caribbean Coast thieves enter from roof in $430,000 break-in

Thieves have broken into two Caribbean Coast apartments this weekend, with one resident losing valuables worth HK$430,000.

A 48-year-old man told police he had lost jewellery and watches in the break-in, which occurred at 10pm Friday in La Mer, the low-rise block in Caribbean Coast.

Police said the thieves appeared to have gained entry from the rooftop, Sing Tao reported.

In another break-in at the same complex yesterday, police said burglars had entered the apartment via the balcony.

However, the resident, a 64-year-old woman, said no items had been stolen.

The break-ins come just three days after a Visionary resident lost HK$1.47 million in valuables – one of a spate of luxury apartment robberies across Hong Kong.

These latest burglaries do not appear to be linked. Lantau District detectives are investigating.

Thieves nab $1.5m haul from Visionary as city-wide spree continues

A Visionary resident has lost jewellery and watches worth an estimated HK$1.47 million in the latest in a spate of burglaries across the city.

A 57-year-old man told police he had found his window forced open and the apartment ransacked when he returned to his home in the upscale apartment complex at about 10am yesterday, Headline News reported.  The thieves had taken the valuables from a safe.

It was the tenth burglary in Hong Kong in three days. A home in Causeway Bay was also burgled on Tuesday night, and other break-ins have taken place in Happy Valley, Kowloon Tong and Kowloon City, reports.

The spree targeting luxury homes is almost certainly the work of a well-organised gang.

Police so far have been cautious in public comments, saying only that they are investigating to see if a syndicate is involved.

Police seize $5m in electronics contraband at Sham Wat

Police seized HK$5 million in electronics and timber goods after intercepting a smuggling operation at Sham Wat in northwest Lantau on Friday evening.

Police and customs officers spotted a speedboat with a man behaving suspiciously at the remote village, Apple Daily reports.

A van arrived at the dock and four men alighted and started transferring goods to the boat.  Police moved in but the suspects escaped in the speedboat, leaving behind 18 boxes of material.

The boxes were found to contain approximately 2,110 mobile phones, 120 tablet PCs, 250 cameras and about 150 kg of timber material, believed to be rosewood.

The case has been forwarded to the Customs and Excise Department for further investigation.

Police arrest 12 in Tung Chung gambling raid

Police raided an illegal gambling den in Tung Chung and arrested 12 people yesterday, including an 83-year-old woman suspected of running the operation.

Police officers raided a village house in Ma Wan Chung at midday and seized 30 mah jong tables, including ten power-driven tables, and HK$1,600 in cash.

They arrested seven men and five women aged 53 to 83 on charges of gambling in a gambling establishment, Metro Radio News reports.

Among those arrested was an 83-year-old woman suspected of operating a gambling establishment.

Brawls break out in Tong Fuk prison over ‘illicit activities’

Two brawls broke out in Tong Fuk Correctional Institution earlier this month, causing injuries to an inmate and a prison guard.

The fights were connected to “illicit activities” in the medium security jail, the Correctional Services Department said.

The brawls, involving 13 prisoners and an unspecified number of staff, took place first in the laundry workshop and later in a dining hall on February 5.

Prison officers had received intelligence in late January about planned illegal activities and were on alert for the violence, the CSD said.

One prison officer suffered injuries to his shoulder and wrist and a prisoner sustained head and hand injuries in the brawls.

Both were transferred to hospital for further treatment.

Twelves prisoners involved in the brawls and suspected of involvement in illegal activity were separated and put under investigation.

The prison atmosphere was “stable” following the incidents, which had been reported to the police for further inquiry, CSD said.

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