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Wetlands dumping not a problem: AFCD official

An AFCD official has claimed that rubbish dumping on Pui O wetland is not “significant” because it covers a small area.

Pui O wetland new abuse 5

Source: LBA

In an email exchange with local community members over yet another incident of dumping in Pui O, an official said:

While the dumping activity has affected about 120 m.sq. of abandoned agricultural field, it is considered that the potential ecological impact to Pui O area as a whole is unlikely to be significant in view of the relatively small size of the area affected.

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This is what trashing the wetlands looks like

A Hong Kong judge yesterday gave the go-ahead for a judicial review into the dumping of landfill onto Pui O wetlands.

The core issue is the role of the Environment Protection Department (EPD) in allowing the dumping.  The EPD argued that director Annissa Wong had no choice but to let it go ahead.

Lot 2406 lease

The dumping has been taking place for more than year. On top of the landfill in one lot (above) the landowner has erected prefabricated huts with water and electricity supply, a septic tank, a paved terrace, outdoor seating, lighting, storage sheds and a fire pit.
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Trashing the wetlands, with a little help from the EPD

The Environmental Protection Dept has taken time out from authoring the destruction of Shek Kwu Chau to trashing the Pui O wetlands.

The EPD has given the go-ahead for a series of construction waste dumpings on the wetlands. Local residents have logged eight incidents of dumping in recent weeks. Like this one.

buffalo 3

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