Randy Yu defies democratic wave to retain Lantau seat

Randy Yu has hung on to his Islands District Council seat in the face of the massive democratic wave that swept Hong Kong yesterday.

Fung Siuyin from the pro-democratic Islands Connection won 47.9% of the vote to come within a whisker of a massive upset in a traditionally safe pro-government electorate.

As with the rest of Hong Kong, the Lantau race attracted a record turnout, with 5,517 casting a ballot, up 47% from 2015.

In a tense ballot count at the Mui Wo government complex late last night, the race looked set to go down to the wire after the Mui Wo result put Fung on 2315 votes, just 87 behind.

  Yu Fung
Tai O                     698 422
Tong Fuk               173 138  
Pui O                     363 385  
Mui Wo                 1168 1370
Tung Chung      461 318            
  2863 (52.1% ) 2633 (47.9%)

However, Yu picked up most of the votes in the Tung Chung booths, which includes old Tung Chung, remote north Lantau villages such as Sha Lo Wan, and Sea Ranch.

In the only formally-declared Islands council result, Civic Party member Amy Yung has comfortably held on to her Discovery Bay seat.

The democratic wave puts pressure on the new council to revisit the question of breaking up the Lantau seat. It is geographically the biggest constituency in Hong Kong and also 48% over population quota – way overdue to to be split into two.

In October 2017, the then-chairman Chow Yuk-tong rejected a government offer to add a new democratically elected seat.


  1. Steven Knipp

    Sincere congratulations to Fung Siu Yin, for an excellent race, well run! Despite being greatly outspent by YU. Her team was (is) young, full of energy and new ideas, and sincerely interested in doing what is best for the all the Islanders, and not only for narrow outside business interests. Siu Yin, please stay in local politics, we need new ideas from younger people like you.

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