Pan-dems to reshape Islands council after stunning poll result

Pro-democratic candidates have dominated the Islands District Council poll to take seven of the ten elected seats.

In the most high-profile victory the memorably-named Sheep Wong Chun Yeung swept aside DAB vice-chairman Holden Chow, a vocal supporter of the extradition bill, in Tung Chung South.

Wong won attention across Hong Kong by leading a campaign against unaccompanied mainland tours in the chaotic wake of the opening of the Macau bridge.

Pan-dems won all seats in Tung Chung, with Lee Ka Ho ousting the other sitting non-democrat Sammi Fu in Tung Chung Central, Fong Lung Fei winning Yat Tung North and Sammy Tsui triumphing in Tung Chung North.

In Cheung Chau Leung Kwok-ho, who ran on the Islands Connection ticket, won easily against Kwok Wai Man.

The two incumbent pan-democrats, Amy Yung and Eric Kwok, were both comfortably returned, Yung in Discovery Bay and Kwok, whose old seat was abolished, in the new constituency of Man Tung.

Despite the huge democrat wins, they are still an effective minority in the council, where eight of the 18 members are ex officio rural committee chairs.

It is only due to these appointees that Islands remains the only district council not controlled by democrats.

But the massive increase in pan-dem numbers will mean issues such as Lantau Tomorrow Vision and the need for a additional council seat will soon return to the agenda.

Full voting details here.


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