‘Serious’ foundation problems delaying bridge opening: report

“Serious problems” of shifting foundations land are the main reason for the delay in the HK-Zhuhai-Macau Bridge, according to a Sing Tao Daily report.

Officially, the bridge is to open in May, but government staff assigned to the border checkpoint still don’t know when they will start work.

The Highways Department has revealed the date has not been set. It says it is still finalising arrangements with Zhuhai and Macau and will then report to the Central Committee.

Sing Tao says prime reason is the shifting foundations of the artificial island on which the border crossing facilities are being built.

It would take the Highways Department some time to fix the leaks in the pilings at the base of the reclamation, an un-named source told the paper. “There are lots of problems and serious leaks,” the source said.

A construction industry source agreed the problem was likely to be in the foundations of the reclaimed land.

He said the main building at the border itself was a fairly straightforward design construction and unlikely to cause any delays.

The problem lay in the abnormal settlement of the foundations of the artificial island, which is causing a delay in the topside project.

The bridge, under construction since 2009, was due to open in 2016.

The Macau and Zhuhai segments have been completed, but the Hong Kong end has been hit by a series of scandals and accidents.


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