Another 1200 Tung Chung HOS flats on sale next week

Apartments at a new Tung Chung public housing complex will go on sale next week.

The new estate, Yu Tai Court, is on the corner of Yu Tung and Chung Yan roads, opposite the North Lantau Hospital.

It contains 1226 flats in two towers, 40 and 28 floors.

The units range in size from 277.7 to 571.6 square feet and the sales prices will range from HK$1.59 million to HK$4.28 million – a 70% discount on the market price, HK01 reports.

Source: Housing Authority

While applications will be open from March 29 to April 11, tenants won’t be moving in for two and a half years. The current estimated completion date is August 2020.

The Housing Authority is also selling another 3200 HOS apartments at Kai Tak and Cheung Sha Wa.


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