After weekend of bad air, fresh winds forecast to lift Tung Chung haze

After a weekend of bad air, relief for Tung Chung residents may come as early as tonight with the arrival of fresh east or northeasterly winds.

For almost all of the weekend PM2.5 concentrations in Tung Chung and across the city were recorded at the ‘unhealthy’ level by the ACQI air quality index.  At that level active everyone, “especially children, should limit outdoor exertion,” ACQI advises.

The Environment Protection Department Air Quality Health Index (AQHI), which has a different methodology, registered slightly lower readings, but still recorded Tung Chung in the ‘high’ zone for much of the weekend.

It warns of “moderate to very high” health risks this afternoon.

A government health warning issued Sunday afternoon explained:

However, the Hong Kong Observatory forecasts moderate east to northeasterly winds, “fresh tonight,” and bringing “one or two rain patches over the coast of Guangdong.”

But it adds that until then pollution levels will remain higher than normal.

At 2pm today Tung Chung’s air rated ‘unhealthy for sensitive groups’ on the ACQI chart.


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