From ceramics to soaps, more Lantau Christmas gifts*

More Lantau creations to fill your Christmas stockings.

Straight from the kiln

If you’re looking for beautiful handmade gifts, local artist Fatima Morrissey has some stunning ceramics.

Decorated with wood block print and blue underglaze and finished with clear glaze, these cylinders (above) can be used as cup or as a vase. Price: HK$220

These customisable four-piece sets (above and below) are made to order. This set (above) uses batik woodblocks: Price for set of four: HK$980

Handpainted magnolia set with graffito decoration. Price: HK$1180

How to buy: Ready-made items can be purchased at The Village Bakery or directly from Fatima. or phone/Whatsapp 66806763 NB: Made to order can take up to three weeks to complete.

Cotton on to a cause

A social startup, Stitch Up, founded by HKU Social Venture Management students, is selling upcycled pieces of fabric.

They take unwanted scraps of fabric from the textile industry or hotels and turn them into reusable bags that are a cheap alternative to plastic. According to team member Kathryn Davies:

Our bags are useful for single-item produce, general shopping bags, personal and electronic items, as well as storage and organization. We’ve got a range of bags in red and green — perfect for wrapping Christmas presents in an eco-friendly way! 

The ultimate aim is to help underprivileged people by providing employment opportunities while helping the environment.

The bags are priced from HK$20-HK$150.

How to buy: Phone/WhatsApp Kathryn on 9549-1462 or email

Handmade soaps

Mui Wo-based Rebecca Chan produces around 20 different types of soap, gift sets and special orders.

She uses cold process to make her environmentally-friendly soaps. All are made with natural ingredients, with different formulas for different skin types.

Prices range fom $50-$250.

How to buy: Imprint Bookshop, Mui Wo or order from

Horny T-shirts


You can buy a ‘Keep Lantau Horny’ T-shirt from the Lantau Buffalo Association for just HK$120 (usually HK$150). It’s a well-made shirt that will last years.

LBA is also selling this greeting card featuring the prize-winning buffalo portrait by Natasha Ramsey. Price: HK$50

How to buy: Contact

On the buses

The NLB buses may not enjoy the iconic status as our buffalo, but they are a ubiquitous local symbol.

You can buy a model version from Kwoon Chung Motors. You can see the full range here.

How to buy: Contact

Prices: Around HK$260


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