‘Amazing Bovid’ photo contest winners claim their prizes

Natasha Ramsey and Mink Chan, the two main winners of the Amazing Bovid of Lantau photo competition, received their prizes in a ceremony in Pui O on Saturday.

Natasha won the judges’ and artistic awards for her photo, Look into my soul, taken at Lower Cheung Sha Beach in 2013.

Natasha Ramsey with her winning photo

Natasha said when taking the photo she felt a strong connection with the animal.

“As I took the photo I felt a really strong bond. It felt it wasn’t just an animal, it had a deep soul and high intelligence,” she said. “From then on I used to photograph them all the time, and sit with them, and just be at peace with them.

Natasha says the buffalo pass through her Mui Wo garden several times every day.

It didn’t feel threatening, she says, adding that for her young daughters it is completely normal. “We give them enough space. Without them coming every day it would be quite sad.”

Mink Chan receives her prize from environmental photographer Martin Williams, a member of the judging panel

The other major winner was Mink Chan, who won the Outstanding awards for her portraits of cattle and buffalo in Shui Hau.

Mink, an indigenous Shui Hau resident, said she shot all of her photos around the village within the space of two days.

Mink, with LBA president Ho Loy, shows her winning photos

The ceremony took place at the sponsors’ sites Garden Plus and The Water Buffalo. Other major sponsor was natural cosmetics company Lush.

Winners and sponsors: Suzette Sanchez (Garden Plus), Natasha Ramsey, Mink Chan, Jenny Riley (Water Buffalo), Ho Loy LBA)


Photo (top): One of Mink Chan’s award-winning photos, Kiss


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