Helicopter rescue on Ngong Ping after 3-hour search

A 65-year-old man was airlifted out of a steep canyon near Po Lin Temple yesterday after a three-hour air and land search.

The man, surnamed Lau, had called police at 11 am saying he was on the edge of a cliff 15 minutes away from Big Buddha and was planning to jump.

Police and fire crews conducted a ground search. After being unable to locate Lau they called in the Government Flying Services helicopter, HK01 reported.

At about 2 pm, rescuers found him at the bottom of a ten-metre cliff near Ngong Ping.

Lau, who reportedly had a degenerative liver disease, was sent to hospital at 4:15pm.

Police said his hands and feet were injured in the incident, but a preliminary investigation found no suspicious circumstances, Oriental News said.


Samaritans Helpline 2896 0000

Suicide Prevention Service 23820000

Photo: Rescuers lift Lau into GFS helicopter (Oriental News)

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