Rooftopping teens breach security in Tung Chung high-rise

Teenagers have broken through the security in at least one Tung Chung high-rise to go rooftopping a couple of hundred metres above the ground.

Rooftop, Caribbean Coast

In a series of photos posted online by a parent show images of teen rooftoppers on top of Caribbean Coast residential block and other unidentified locations.

MTR Corp, which owns and manages four Tung Chung residential complexes, said in an emailed statement that it was aware of:

unauthorised access by a resident and her guests to the rooftop of one of the residential blocks at Caribbean Coast in late September this year. The unauthorised persons triggered the door alarm and our security guards and police were immediately summoned to handle the case. The unauthorised persons were requested to leave the rooftop accordingly.

However it was unable to throw any light on other photos, taken at night.

Caribbean Coast

Tung Chung resident Sean Earl, who posted the images online, said they had been passed on by an acquaintance who found them on his teenage son’s phone.

I have since found out that kids made their way on to the roof through lax security practice, specifically leaving them the key in the alarm lock which enabled the kids to get up their without setting off the alarm. A CCTV camera would not hurt either.

He said building management struggled to find a happy medium in managing children’s behaviour – sometimes overreacting to minor breaches and turning a blind eye to the more dangerous activities.

Unidentified location

Unidentified location


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