Buffalo photo contest now open for voting

Online voting is now open for ‘The Amazing Bovid of Lantau’ photo competition.

Cattle and buffalo lovers can go here to cast their votes on the 89 photos entered into the contest. Voting closes at midnight on Saturday, Oct 7.

The 20 photos that receive the most Facebook Likes, Reactions, Comments or Shares will win the first round of the contest to enter the second round for the five Judges’ Choice Award categories and the three Artistic Award categories.

A final round of voting will determine the Champion.

Voters who take part in the poll will have a chance to win a gift from handmade cosmetics firm LUSH HK.

Lush Garden Cafe and The Water Buffalo Bar & Restaurant are sponsors of the contest, which is organised by the Lantau Buffalo Association.

The judging panel, chaired by environmental photographer Martin Williams, along with cultural photographer Ducky Tse Chi Tak and Lantau News Editor Robert Clark.

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