Tai O faces more flooding as Typhoon Pakhar threatens

The Hong Kong Observatory may raise the T8 warning early Sunday morning as Typhoon Pakhar approaches the city.

The Observatory hoisted the T3 warning at 8:40pm tonight and the thunderstorm warning at 9:20.

It warned of flooding in low-lying areas, raising fears of further flooding in Tai O.  Dozens of residents were evacuated from the coastal village after sea levels rose dramatically when Hato hit on Wednesday morning.

Pakhar, which is expected to come within 150 kilometres of Hong Kong tomorrow morning, packs much less of a punch, with maximum wind speeds of around 90kmh.

Hato, just the second hurricane-level typhoon in three decades, brought sustained wind speeds of up to 130 kmh.

The Observatory it said in a statement Saturday evening:

Severe Tropical Storm Pakhar moves relatively fast and continues to edge closer to the coast of Guangdong. Strong winds are affecting offshore waters and high ground. According to the present track, Pakhar will be closest to Hong Kong tomorrow morning (Sunday), skirting within about 150 kilometres southwest of the territory. Unless Pakhar takes a more westerly track or weakens, the Observatory will consider issuing the Gale or Storm Signal No. 8 before 6 a.m. tomorrow.

Satellite map, 10:30pm Saturday (HK Observatory)

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