Residents head to the beach to clean up after Hato

Local residents have organised beach cleanups for Cheung Sha and Silvermine Bay in the next two days.

Cheung Sha’s Frankie McYuen has called for help in removing rubbish from the beach Friday afternoon.  He is generously laying on a barbecue and  salad for all participants, starting from 4pm. He adds:

I have co-ordinated with the beach cleaner contractors so we will have some gloves, rakes and rubbish bags. (Approx. 20 sets)

Please bring your own tools if you have. And remember sunscreen, hats, spare T-shirts can always help.

Cheung Sha Beach today (Photo: Frankie McYuen)

In Mui Wo, Daphne Chu, who organised the palm oil cleanup of Pui O Beach two weeks ago, has called for volunteers to gather at Silvermine Beach at 9:30am on Saturday.

She advises participants to bring their own gloves and water. Register on Facebook before 5pm August 25.


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