T8 signal to be hoisted as Typhoon Roke approaches

The Hong Kong  Observatory says it will hoist the T8 signal by 9:20 this morning as Typhoon Roke approaches the city.

It says Roke is relatively small but warns wind speeds will strengthen as it approaches.

At 8 a.m., Roke was estimated to be about 90 kilometres east of Hong Kong east and expected to move west-northwest at about 20 kmh.

In the past few hours, Roke brought gale winds to the coastal waters of the eastern part of Guangdong. The circulation of Roke is small, but local winds will strengthen significantly when Roke moves close to Hong Kong…

As Roke will very likely track from east to west across our territory, local winds will turn rapidly from the current northerlies to south and southeasterlies. Places which have been sheltered before will become more exposed to the high winds. The public should stay on the alert and not to relax precautions.

The T3 signal was raised at 3:40 am.

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