Two-way tolls for N. Lantau freeway from next month

Drivers will have to pay tolls both ways on the North Lantau freeway from August 20, the Transport Department has announced.

The change is to accommodate the opening of the Hong Kong-Macau Bridge, after which the Lantau freeway will no longer be the only road access to Lantau.

The Transport Department said in a statement Wednesday that a two-way toll collection arrangement will be implemented at the Lantau Link Main Toll Plaza and the Ma Wan Toll Plaza from midnight on August 20.

The total toll charge won’t change. Private vehicles heading toward Kowloon, who currently have to pay HK$30 at the Lantau Link tollbooth, will pay HK$15 each way.


    • Robert Clark

      One of those ironies. Like you can’t park on a parkway, you can’t get high on a highway and nursing mothers can’t express while driving on an expressway.

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