Silvermine Beach river crossing to be upgraded to twin bridges

The Wang Tong River bridge on Silvermine Beach is to be replaced by separate pedestrian and cyclist bridges under a Highways Department plan.

The existing 1.5-metre wide bridge will become a 35-metre long crossing comprising a 3.5-metre wide bikeway and two-metre wide pedestrian path.

In a submission to the Islands District Council traffic and transport committee the department said the current bridge is frequently congested “when both the local residents and tourists use [it] simultaneously.”

“The lack of segregation also raises road safety concerns as pedestrians, cyclists and village vehicles may come into conflict with each other during peak periods .”

Source: Highways Dept

The department does not put a price tag on the twin-bridge project, but warns it will mean temporary closure of the existing bridge during different phases of construction.

It also does not specify how long construction will take but the environmental assessment report filed by the Environment Protection Department in 2013 said it would be approximately two years.

The project is the latest in the Mui Wo Facelift programme that has been underway for the past decade.

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