WEEKEND NEWS: Another MTR fault; Shirley Kwan; Raking it in

Local MTR service was hit with yet another failure near Tung Chung station on Saturday morning.

A signalling breakdown at 8:25 am meant that passengers had to wait 15 minutes for trains from Hong Kong to Tung Chung and five minutes from Tung Chung. Services returned to normal at 8:50.

The line ground to a halt for an hour in early April because an equipment failure caused a train to stop, blocking the line.

*                                                                           *                                                                             *

Singer Shirley Kwan attended Lantau North Police Station on Friday afternoon, Apple Daily reported.

While she and her male companion declined to give details, the singer was arrested in March following an incident at the Auberge Discovery Bay Hotel in which an hotel staff member was assaulted.  Police say a 50-year-old woman will appear in West Kowloon Magistrates Court on May 24 on charges of criminal intimidation and assault.

*                                                                           *                                                                             *

One property investor is already profit-taking from the Hong Kong-Macao Bridge – by selling parking spaces, Ming Pao reports. Since late last year Hung Lungtsuen has been buying parking lots in Tung Chung, anticipating a rise in demand after the bridge opens next year. He sold one parking lot, acquired for more than HK$90 million, for HK$110 million early this year.

*                                                                           *                                                                             *

Unpopular Education Secretary Eddie Ng has drawn a lot of press this weekend for his appearance dancing with students at the Buddhist Fat Ho Memorial College in Tai O on Friday.

Local media have contrasted this with his repeated failures to appear at hearings on the controversial local school assessment system, TSA. While on Lantau Ng also paid a visit to Po Lin Monastery.


Photo: Wiki Commons


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