Transport Dept keeps ‘open mind’ on Lantau taxis

Here’s a story about the Transport Department.

When several government agencies and NGOs met in the wake of the deaths of eight cattle on Lantau 18 months ago, the TD sent an official who claimed to be so new that he didn’t have any business cards. Not only could he refrain from taking a position or making any contribution to the discussion, he smartly avoided any possible follow-up.

Here’s another story. The Transport Dept has not issued a single taxi licence in the history of the SAR.

Here’s another. When I interviewed the TD via email early last year about Lantau taxis, their spokesperson said: “We are collecting data to assess the level of taxi services in Lantau Island and will be open-minded on whether to issue additional taxi licences.”

Now, according to the Sun newspaper, the department has finally acknowledged that the blue taxi waiting time is “longer” in peak periods.

Indeed, under prodding from LanDAC, theTD has said it surveyed the Lantau taxi service last year and is now considering whether or not to issue new licences on the basis of “established policy.”

Presumably that is the established policy not to issue any licences at all.

But the department has encouraging words to the LanDAC members who suggested issuing ten ‘trial’ taxi licences.

“We’re keeping an open mind.”

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