The silence of the cabbies

A quick update on the transport story, which has become primarily a taxi story.

First, getting a response from the Lantau Taxi Alliance is like trying to hail a blue cab on a summer weekend. Can’t see it happening, but will keep trying.

I’ve also put in questions to several Islands District Council members, including the chairman of the transport committee. They should respond, but the evidence to date is they’re more sympathetic to cabbies than passengers.

I’ve also included a question about Lantau cabs responding only after they are offered an inducement (a resident has just posted on Facebook her unfortunate airport experience late last night). This is not only illegal but is also compelling evidence that supply is not meeting demand. It doesn’t take Einstein to draw a link between this profitable but difficult-to-explain practice and the silence of the taxi firm.

On the bus side of things, Mr Wong Wah, the general manager of New Lantao Bus, has promised to give the bus company side of the story.


  1. Izabela

    I had a wedding at Cheung Sha Beach two years ago and I was not able to organize ANY TAXI at any time for ANY OF MY GUESTS. This was a nightmare. I managed (as a bride) to get a ride in a friend’s car). This was the most stressful experience of this beautiful event.

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