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Another 7 migrants detained off Fan Lau

Police have arrested another group of suspected illegal migrants attempting to enter Hong Hong via Lantau.

Marine Police intercepted a sampan near Fan Lau in southwest Lantau at 5am today and detained seven non-Chinese males, aged between 26 and 34. Separately, they also arrested a 45 year-old Chinese man suspected of collaborating with the group. Continue reading

Another 13 Sth Asian migrants arrested after Lantau landing

Another 13 South Asian men have been arrested in the past nine days after illegally arriving on Lantau by boat.

Six Indian and Bangladeshi nationals arrived at Fan Lau in south-west Lantau early Saturday morning. After being arrested they said they would apply for asylum under the UN Convention Against Torture (UNCAT), the Oriental Daily News said.

Police received a report at 10am and went to the scene, where they intercepted the six, who had arrived by boat earlier that day. They were aged between 20 and 59. As with earlier illegal arrivals,  they had flown legally to Guangzhou, where a snakehead had arranged to transport them to Shenzhen and then to Fan Lau by boat. Continue reading