Woman detained after new-born baby allegedly thrown out of window

A 21-year-old Filipino woman has been detained by police after the corpse of a newly-born baby was discovered in an alley in Tong Fuk this morning.

The body of a baby girl with an umbilical cord attached was found around 10:30 by a neighbour letting his dog outside, Apple Daily reported.

A woman admitted to giving birth in the bathroom of her second floor apartment last night. She reportedly told police the baby was stillborn and had thrown it out of the window.

According to Apple Daily, the size of the foetus indicated it was 28 to 32 weeks old, but it had bruises and bleeding that may have been caused by falling from a height.

The woman’s mother, 53, who also lived in apartment, said she did not know her daughter was pregnant.

Lantau police blocked off the scene while they investigated. The later took a Filipina with Hong Kong ID to the station for further inquiries.

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