Rescuing cow 57

Here’s sweet-natured cow 57, whose distressing collision with a recklessly-driven taxi was captured in a dashcam video two weeks ago.

He has since been looked after by the SPCA and others, who have been spraying the wound out in the field at Shek Pik.

Hard to believe, but he is in good health and as the photo (below) shows, the cut is deep but clean.

It needs stitches but that can’t be done in the field. He has to go to a clinic, and last night an AFCD team headed down the catchwater to fetch him.

Easier said than done.

The process took eight hours, a dozen AFCD staff, four AFCD vehicles and three police.

Deep but clean

Most of this time passed waiting for the right people to arrive with the right equipment.

The original plan was to induce him aboard a truck to save the vet the journey to Lantau.

Cow 57 enjoyed the hay offerings all the way to the van but declined all invitations to step aboard. On the upside, he had the best meal of his life.

Finally, at 1am, a vet from the AFCD cattle team fired a tranquilizer and a dazed 57 allowed himself to be led into the vehicle.

Thanks go to all those who tracked, monitored and cared for him. He will back with his herd soon.

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