Police probe after car strikes three cattle, killing one

Police are investigating an accident at Shui Hau in which a car killed one cow and injured two others yesterday afternoon.

The car, a white Volkswagen Golf,  struck the three cattle on a bend at 5pm.

The driver was a 35-year-old foreign national. Her husband, who asked not to be identified, said his wife was slowing down to park the car when it collided with the cattle.

Post-accident (Source: Reader supplied)

She had come around the bend in Shui Hau village, about 100-150 metres ahead of her turnoff, when she collided with them. As her airbag activated, she was only aware of striking one.

Her husband said in an email:

The facts are that the cow was on the road, and ran in front of my wife. She had no time to avoid it. It fell onto the car, causing heavy damage, but the bumper was not even pushed in or severely damaged – indicating that her forward speed was not that high!

One of the cattle was heavily injured and was put to sleep by AFCD vets at the scene. A second, also seriously injured, was taken away for treatment.

The AFCD and volunteers are continuing their search this morning for the third animal, which sustained a head injury and wandered from the scene. Lantau News has sought a response from the AFCD.

It is the second fatality near Shui Hau within a year. A female cow died when struck by a taxi in a hit-and-run last June.

LBA president Ho Loy said the association had repeatedly asked the Transport Department to install speed cameras on South Lantau Road and Keung Shan Road to enforce the 50kmh speed limit.

Photo (top): Lantau Buffalo Association

(This story has been updated to include comments from the husband of the driver and deleting remarks reported in the SCMP.com attributed to an unnamed eyewitness.)


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