Lantau fox finds a home in Singapore

The Lantau fox has finally found a home at the Singapore Zoo.

The young male fox – officially a red fox despite its light colouring – was found in the Tong Fuk catchwater last July.

It was put in the care of Ocean Park, where it has since been in quarantine, but the park could not keep it because it is not compatible with its population of Arctic foxes.

In a Facebook post yesterday, the AFCD said many animal welfare organisations “had shown an interest in looking after this cute and proud red fox. Taking into consideration factors such as feeding environment, experience in caring for foxes and veterinary support, Singapore Zoo is most suitable as a new home.”

Source: AFCD video

The fox left for Singapore on March 13, AFCD said.

The new home comes with a new job – he will be used in campaigns against illegal wildlife trafficking.

The fox, just a few months old when discovered in the catchwater, is not native to Hong Kong but is a popular pet in some countries.

It was most likely abandoned by its owner or those who smuggled it into the city.

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