Reusable cups at Caffe Paradiso

Caffe Paradiso coffee shop in Mui Wo has started selling reusable cups.

It is not the first on Lantau to do so, but it is the first to sell these collapsible cups (below).

As Caffe Paradiso owner Tom Midgley explains, “People didn’t like the tall cups sold by Starbucks. They are too big to carry around all day and they leak,” he said.

So he tracked down these from a US supplier.

The genius of the design is that the pliable main body, made of silicone plastic, becomes a firm surface by the addition of the white sleeve.

It then collapses into a convenient shape with a sealed lid.

Tom, who’s selling them for HK$120 each, says he’s almost sold out the first pack of 36 in the first week. He has ordered a second batch.

“I’ve already saved a lot of paper cups. And when you think some of those people buy a coffee every day, that’s about 300 cups and lids a year we’re saving.”

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