(Photos) Best of the ‘Capture & Experience Tung Chung’ photo contest

The CEDD has announced the winners of its ‘Capture and Experience Tung Chung’, a photo competition, which attracted more than 500 entries.

Lantau News here showcases the major winners and some of the other outstanding entries.

The Grand Prize in the Landscape and Architecture section went to Winter Dusk in a Fishing Village (冬日漁村黃昏) by Law Yun Lung:


The Grand Prize in the Culture and Living category was taken out by Small Fountain, Big Adventure (小水池、大冒險) by Choi Chi Ming:

winner culture 2

Here is a selection of the finalists and other highlights. For the full gallery, click here.


Finalist: 火燒天海之鏡 (Fiery Reflection of Heaven and Earth) – Tang Ka Wai


Finalist: 歸航 (Homing) – Fung Siu


Winner, My Favourite Photo Award: 光 (Light) – Lau Jinling


潮水 (Tide)


美景垂釣 (Scenic Fishing)


Bridge in the distances

TC Niaokan

鳥看 (Bird’s View)

tc new town

東涌新市鎮與傳統百年漁村共舞 (Tung Chung New Town and a traditional fishing village dance together)

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