At least four more dead in latest Tung Chung dog poisonings

Four dogs have died and another is missing in another case of poisoning in Tung Chung.

More than 20 sparrows died from ingesting poison in Ma Wan Chung village.

A 69-year-old indigenous villager, Wong, found one of his dogs choking when he went to feed them early Friday evening, Apple Daily reports.

When he went to search for his other dogs he found a number of dead sparrows and suspected they poisoned bait had been laid.

He found three of his dogs had died while the other is still missing.

SPCA officials and more than 20 police officers went to the scene Saturday morning and found three dead dogs in separate locations and around 15 dead sparrows.

Five sparrows were sent to the Kadoorie Farm for treatment but later died.

Police appealed to the villagers for information about the poison or anyone who may have left out poisoned bait.

FEHD workers cleaned the road and footpath with high-pressure water cannons.

In November 11 dogs died of poisoning in separate incidents in Tung Chung and San Tau village. No arrests have been made over those deaths.

Police urge those with any information about the case to call on 3661 1931.

Photos: Apple Daily

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