Top ten Lantau News stories for 2017

10. Two arrested over indecent assault on Tung Chung bus

Two men were charged following an alleged sexual assault on a bus – one the alleged assailant, the other the victim’s boyfriend.

9. The Great Fences of Lantau

Metal railings saturate the Lantau landscape, sheltering residents against the dangers that lurk, our photo essay reveals.

8. Tung Chung east reclamation to begin by year-end

The Civil Engineering and Development Department issued a tender for reclaiming 130 hectares from Tung Chung Bay and building seawalls and infrastructure – the biggest part of the Tung Chung expansion project.

7. Rat snacks at Yat Tung noodle stall (pic)

A photo of a rat snacking on a chicken wing at a Yat Tung noodle bar went – what else? – viral.

6. MTR to build another 14,000 apartments on Tung Chung Bay

The MTR joined Tung Chung’s building boom, revealing plans for a residential and retail project at Siu Ho Wan, currently the site of its North Lantau depot.

5. Here come the green minibuses

The Transport Department called a tender for a green minibus service between the new bridge border crossing and Tung Chung.

4. After 18 years on the beach, the Stoep gets new lease of life

The much-loved Stoep closed its doors at Cheung Sha Beach and re-invented itself at Mui Wo.  The beachside restaurant had become a destination for a generation of Hong Kongers.

3. Rooftopping teens breach security in Tung Chung high-rise

Teenagers broke through the security at Caribbean Coast to go roof-topping and create some hair-raising photos to share with their friends. MTR, the Caribbean Coast manager, said it was immediately aware of the breach and ordered the teens off the roof.

2. Thousands of Lantau commuters in line for fare subsidy

Thousands of South Lantau and Tung Chung residents qualified for a new public transport subsidy of up to HK$300 a month for long-distance commuters.

1. Lantau cab driver arrested for overcharging during typhoon

A 60-year-old blue cab driver was arrested for overcharging. Following complaints about cabs refusing fares and hiking prices, plainclothes officers went to the Tung Chung MTR stand just before T8 was hoisted for Typhoon Merbok. The driver was later fined HK$1000.

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