Rebecca Dykes family sets up charity fund

The family of Rebecca Dykes, a Hong Kong-raised woman murdered in Beirut 10 days ago, has set up a charity fund to support the causes she championed.

“Please give what you can to support the causes my beautiful daughter Rebecca worked so hard for,” her mother, Jane Houng, a Lantau-based writer, posted on Facebook today.

On a crowdfunding site the family said they were seeking to raise £100,000 (HK$1.045m):

This foundation will have the aim of continuing Rebecca’s humanitarian and stabilisation work for refugees and other vulnerable communities, with a particular focus on women’s empowerment and preventing violence against women…

Rebecca was compassionate, caring and committed to humanitarian causes. She worked tirelessly to make the world a kinder, fairer, safer and more stable place.

Most recently, she had undertaken pioneering work in Lebanon, for the UK Department for International Development, to improve the lives of refugees and impoverished Lebanese people, and help these vulnerable communities to become more peaceful and resilient.

Buy lunchtime on Boxing Day the fund had raised £2,660 from 63 donations.

Rebecca, 30, who worked for the UK Department for International Development in the Beirut Embassy, was strangled and her body dumped by the side of the road after night out with friends.

An Uber driver was arrested and has reportedly confessed to her murder.

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