Your Lantau Christmas Gift Guide*

If you’re dreaming of a Lantau Christmas, here’s a guide to locally-created products to fill your stockings.

Lantau designs

Lantau Ren has a selection of playful, beautifully-made products that resonate for Lantau residents. If you haven’t experienced them already, you should.

Lantau Ren founder Shirley offers the choice of Son of a beach T-shirts (HK$150), hand and bath towels (HK$260 and $480), canvas bags (HK$95-$125) and – her own creation – clankets (from HK$210).

Shirley also makes jewellery and clutches sold exclusively at Four Seasons Hotel and online.

But hurry! Lantau News readers are eligible for a 25% discount between now and Monday (December 11). Discount code: LANTAUNEWSXMAS17.

How to buy: All items can be bought through the Lantau Ren website.

Hot and saucy

The Gallery at Tong Fuk has bottled its fabulous hot sauces in two flavours – jalapeno and habanero.

It’s celebrating these sauces with a range of cool T-shirts, made out of top-grade cotton from Gildan, in strawberry red and charcoal grey.

The sauces sell for HK$65 a bottle and the T-shirts HK$200 each.

For those who want to go the whole spice, the sauces sell for a wholesale price of $33 per bottle for a pack of 24 (minimum order 2 packs).

How to buy: Phone 29802582 or Whatsapp 91315388

Gardening guide

For local gardeners learning to cope with Lantau’s unique conditions, the South Lantau Garden Group (aka SLUGS) has come up with a harvesting and planting guide.

Co-designed by SLUGS founder Sally Bunker and Susan Mertens, it’s priced at HK$65.

SLUGS is also selling Christmas and greetings cards at HK$10 each or HK$50 a set.

How to buy: Available from the Imprint Bookshop, Lantau Base Camp and Garden Plus, or Whatsapp 96644368

Green reading for kids

If you’re looking for something distinctive for young children why not introduce them to Gavin Coates’ vivid environmental tales?

The local author’s books include Earthy Love (for infants – HK$99), The Last Nut, (5-10 year-olds – HK$129) and Pinky the Dolphin and the Power That May Be (5-10 year-olds HK$149).

How to buy: All are available through the Earthy Store or WhatsApp Gavin at 96713057

Colourful Hong Kong

For slightly older readers, Hong Kong Movers and Shakers brings to life a colourful cast of characters from the pen of another Lantau-based writer, Jane Houng.

Just released, it brings to life the likes of colonial administrator Sir Mattew Nathan, who moved mountains to build Nathan Road, Cantonese opera singer Sun Ma Sze-tsang, who brought his audience to tears, and the legendary kung-fu artist Bruce Lee.

How to buy: HK$65 from Commercial Press bookshop in Tung Chung or any of its other 20 branches or online.

* Part 1. More gift ideas in Part 2 tomorrow

Photo (top): Cable car hand towels from Lantau Ren

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