Eighteen injured after bus hits truck on N. Lantau Highway

At least 18 people were injured when a bus collided with a stationary goods truck near the Lantau Link toll plaza this morning – the latest in a spate of accidents on the airport freeway.

Fire services officers freed two passengers trapped on the upper deck of the bus. One of them, a 40-year-old man, was found unconscious and taken to Princess Margaret Hospital.

Three other passengers suffered “relatively serious” injuries, according to Commercial Radio.

The accident took place at around 5am when a Long Win N31 bus travelling from the airport to Tsuen Wan ran into the back of a medium-sized truck that had stopped on the freeway shoulder, HK01 reported.

The impact of the collision pushed the truck 50 metres forward and severely damaged both vehicles.

The two trapped passengers had been sitting in the front five rows of the bus.

It wasn’t the only accident on the North Lantau Highway this morning.

At around 6am, a motorbike collided with a car in the airport-bound lane, also near the toll plaza. The rider was conscious but unable to speak and was taken to hospital, HK01 reported.

The 14-kilometre highway has come under scrutiny since a taxi driver died in a chain collision ten days ago.

Police are considering extra patrols but the Transport Department has no plans to reduce the speed limit.


Photo: HK01


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