Police weigh more N. Lantau Highway patrols, but no cut in speed limit

Police say they will consider more frequent and more aggressive patrols on North Lantau freeway, but there are no plans lower the speed limit.

Police and Transport Department officials appeared at the Islands District Council last week to respond to queries about the recent spate of accidents on the 14-kilometre highway.

In the latest fatality, a taxi driver died in a five-car chain collision at Sunny Bay – the fifth death on the freeway since the beginning of 2016.

District Councillor member Amy Yung told the meeting that three accidents had taken place on the freeway in just 41 minutes on October 16.

She said she had raised the issue on a number of occasions, but accidents continued to occur.

She was “willing to bet that speeding is the major cause” of the accidents, and urged officials to consider cutting the speed limit and to increase police patrols.

Police acting district operations officer, Lo Tim Fat, told the meeting the accidents were a result of “many factors,” including weather, driver behaviour and road construction.

He said unmarked patrols, radar and speed cameras were already in operation, but they would consider increasing the number of patrols.

But the Transport Department has no plans to reduce speeds limits on the highway.

Senior engineer Yuen Kit Fung said the accident rate on North Lantau Highway was lower than other parts of the city, with 0.17-0.31 accidents for every 80,000 vehicles over the past five years. That compared with 1.18-1.28 rate for the city as a whole.


Photo (top):  Mk2010 Wikimedia, Creative Commons

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