Police seize HK$4m in contraband off Tung Chung pier

Police and Customs officers have confiscated HK$3.9 million in electronic goods and seafood following an operation off Tung Chung.

In an early morning operation on Wednesday they intercepted six men carrying boxes from private vehicles to a speedboat at the Tung Chung ferry pier, Oriental News reports.

The smugglers abandoned their goods and cars and jumped into the speedboat. A Marine Police vessel gave chase, but lost conact when the speedboat reached mainland waters.

In a separate operation, a Marine Police patrol intercepted another speedboat loaded with cargo west of the airport. They arrested a 45-year-old man on board.

From the two incidents, officials seized seafood and electronic products worth HK$3.9 million,  including bird’s nest, sea cucumber, mobile phones, video game cards, portable memory sticks and digital cameras.

Photo: Wikimedia (Creative Commons)

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