Two arrested over indecent assault on Tung Chung bus

Two men were arrested following an alleged sexual assault on a bus in Tung Chung last night.

Police say a 35-year-old woman and her 39-year-old friend were indecently assaulted by a man surnamed Choi, 43, in a bus on Kin Tung Rd in Tung Chung North, Oriental Daily reported.

A male friend of the women, a 32-year-old named Hong, is alleged to have then punched Choi in the face, causing an eye injury.

Police went to the scene and arrested Choi and sent him to hospital. They also took Hong into custody over the assault on Choi. Inquiries are continuing.


  1. Shermio

    This is what’s wrong with society, you try to stop a guy being dodgy and you end up locked up….. But should get a medal!

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