Star power shines on Mui Wo

Mui Wo felt the touch of superstar power last weekend as one of Hong Kong’s biggest movie stars, Chow Yun Fat, spent an afternoon here.

Chow, 62, once described by the Los Angeles Times as “the coolest actor in the world,” is one of Hong Kong’s best-loved and most successful actors, famed for his performances in films such as A Better Tomorrow, God of Gambling and Bulletproof Monk.

For Village Bakery proprietor Kit Lau, a true Hollywood-style encounter would have been for her idol to enter her store and fall in love with her cheesecake and cinnamon rolls.

But as it happened she heard was having a drink on the plaza outside China Bear so she rushed over, mobile phone in hand.


Chow and his friends were about to take the ferry, but he was more than willing to do a selfie. Said Kit:

It seems he already knew I was going to take a picture with him. [He was] very welcoming and I introduced our bakery to him and his friends. They were ready to go on boat so they couldn’t visit Village Bakery. He asked if I serve pineapple bun with a cube of salted cold butter, he will pay a visit next time

Lamma-born Chow’s other link to Lantau is his role of Sao Feng, based on legendary Lantau-based pirate Cheung Po-tsai, in Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End.

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