Live on Lantau tonight: the Orionid Meteor show

The Orionid Meteor show is in town and Lantau is one of the best places from which to watch it.

The Orionids, fragments of Halley’s Comet, will be visible from around 11:30 tonight until just before sunrise.

Because of the new moon and the likely cloudless sky, astronomers worldwide are expecting a bright show.

As EarthSky blog explains:

As Comet Halley moves through space, it leaves debris in its wake that strikes Earth’s atmosphere most fully around October 20-22, every year. The comet is nowhere near, but, around this time every year, Earth is intersecting the comet’s orbit.

If the meteors originate from Comet Halley, why are they called the Orionids? The answer is that meteors in annual showers are named for the point in our sky from which they appear to radiate. The radiant point for the Orionids is in the direction of the constellation Orion the Hunter. Hence the name.

The best places in Hong Kong to witness the comet shower are Lantau and Sai Kung because of Orion’s position in the east or south-east sky, and the relatively low level of light pollution, according to the Hong Kong Space Museum.

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